Tobias Kruse — In America: Part 1

The journey starts and ends in New York — with many different worlds in between. It will take us through the Rust Belt to Detroit, then to Boulder, Colorado; followed by Austin, Texas and Hartford, Connecticut. It is a journey between two golden ages — the steel industry and start-ups.

Tobias Kruse — In America

In April, Tobias Kruse travelled the United States with his camera — from New York, passing through the Rust Belt to Detroit by car (Part 1). He then flew to Boulder, Colorado (Part 2), followed by Austin, Texas (Part 3), before returning to the East Coast (Part 4). For decades, states in between the coasts have been referred to as “flyover country”, but at least Colorado and Texas are now competing with California. Kruse wrote down his impressions.

Tobias Kruse has been a member of OSTKREUZ since 2011. He lives and works in Berlin.